I’d like to thank both Michael Sam and the St. Louis Rams for making people hope I’ll soon be afflicted with cancer.

I’d also like to thank both those parties for hoping that my children grow up and become homosexuals themselves.

On top of that I’d like to thank the Rams and Sam for those who told me they hope I die sometime soon.

Who knew that that Michael Sam and the St. Louis Rams could bring out such hatred in folks?

My Twitter account was deluged with messages hoping all those things (and more) happen to me after I posted my feelings on what happened in the immediate aftermath of Michael Sam being selected by the Rams at the end of the 7th and final round of this past 2014 NFL Draft.

Make no mistake, when Sam was selected by St. Louis I was happy for him, no more or less happy for him than I was for each of the other players selected by various NFL teams up to that point.

ESPN’s camera’s were inside Sam’s home and we all watched as Sam began to break down and cry.

He was being consoled and supported by someone to his right who began to gently rub his arm as Sam continued to weep, the phone held to his ear as he continued talking with a Rams official.

I was watching all of this unfold as my 7 year old sat on the couch next to me, his attention having nothing to do with the NFL Draft, but instead on his computer game he was playing with that he held in his hands.

Soon my little 7 year old heard his daddy in a pretty strong voice telling him to leave the room.

Michael Sam and his (boyfriend? partner? significant other? lover?) began to kiss, once, then twice, then a few more times…all while ESPN cameras apparently overjoyed at such a scene continued to beam into my living room something I considered to be well over the top and not something age appropriate for many children watching at that moment across the country.

Then ESPN cut away from the theater of the absurd to go back to their panel inside Radio City Music Hall in New York City for discussion on the Sam pick by St. Louis…but then suddenly the camera’s went back to the Sam household for more…fun?

The next thing I saw was Sam and his…well, they never said, in a scene that most might attribute to a regular wedding scene between two people being married and celebrating with the cutting of the cake moment in the proceedings.

ESPN showed America Sam and his (boyfriend?) smashing cake into each others faces, followed by a make out session in front of me that I considered to be over the top and obscene.

It also left me angry and having to then explain to my 7 year old who was both hurt and confused why his daddy made him leave the room when all he was doing was spending time with his father by sitting next to him and playing a video game.

I would expect that the exact scene that played out in my living room this past Saturday was duplicated in many homes throughout America at just about the same time.

I then took to Twitter to express my thought – those being the fact that the imagery in front of me made me feel very uneasy, and that I felt it was the most uncomfortable and disgusting moment ESPN has ever shown covering NFL Football over the years.

The hatred that followed my feelings is all over my Twitter timeline for anyone who has not yet seen it and wants to take a look.

Death, misfortune on my children, horrible diseases, accusations of myself being a racist, and all of the other perfunctory labels thrown my way, simply for being outraged that NFL Football was mixed with the homosexual agenda in such an extreme way that I needed to get my child out of the room to avoid being traumatized and exposed to a scene on the television that I wanted to protect him from having to see.

Now did I say anything hateful about Michael Sam?

Did I express outrage that he could now become a part of the NFL community?

Did I sarcastically throw around mean spirited jokes about Sam and the homosexual community?

Did I state that the NFL isn’t worth watching anymore because Sam could be a part of it?

I did none of the above, the only thing I did do was to expressly state that the moments ESPN showed were well out of bounds so far as I was concerned, and that I would not under any circumstance allow my children to be witness to it.

I have the feeling I’m far from alone.

Lets clarify a position before we go any further.

I do not hate anyone.

I try very hard not to let those kinds of feelings enter my consciousness.

If I were to hate any specific individual then I would hate the person who took my sons life a few years ago…but even that person I do not, and cannot hate.

And why?

Because God has asked me not to hate, but instead to forgive.

Now look it, if you should choose to live your life without the influence and or direction found in God’s Holy word, then I wish you well living under whatever precepts you choose to employ for both you and your family and friends.

In my own specific world view, my patterns, my beliefs, my decisions, my directions, are taken from what and who I consider to be the author of life, that being, God Almighty.

The interesting paradox is that while I attempt to live my life in the ways that I do, with a full explanation for anyone caring to ask, the ‘hatred’ that follows, the mocking of my belief system, and the overall ridicule thrown my way, well-well exceeds that of anything I may have written and said about both Michael Sam and the homosexual community at large.

Full disclosure on my thoughts.

If God says it is wrong – then I am not about to argue.

God tells me in His book and through His words, that homosexuality is an abomination before His eyes – as are many other things.

You may do what you wish to, but the last thing I am ever prepared to do is to tell God that He is wrong and I am right, or that times have changed and what God intended once is not relevant anymore.

Perhaps you discount God altogether, and you believe that we exist out of a pond of seaweed, and that this whole ‘God thing’ is a fantasy.

Good for you, I feel you’re wrong, but I certainly won’t wish cancer to enter your body at any point in time.

Let me also be clear by making it known that The World at large, and that society and all of its humanistic new age and supposedly enlightened thinking, will never influence me and it won’t ever be my director in terms of the way I see my life, the lives of my family, and it will never hold dominion over me the way it has with millions of others.

Today’s religion of culture has no hold over me, it used to at one time, but that was years ago.

The indoctrination and the ‘jamming’ of the homosexual movement across the world has a strong hold over many people – but it has zero affect on someone such as myself.

I apologize never for my own feelings.

Let me now ask you all — is this okay?

Am I permitted to feel the ways that I do?

Is it alright with you if I fail to buy in to what today’s culture demands of me to do?

Apparently it is not based upon the ‘hatred’ that flowed my way for hours this past Saturday after I indicated a feeling of displeasure concerning the imagery on my television.

God tells me that homosexuality is unnatural.

He tells me this in terms that leave no room for negotiation.

I am not about to tell God that He needs to change his tune about this issue because, well, many across the land feel the time has come for a revision on this topic.

While many reading this want me to change my own tune and ‘get with the times’, I’m sorry, but that will never happen.

I was not about to indoctrinate my own child with this issue while it played out in what I considered to be an obscene theater of debauchery on my television this past Saturday –when all I wanted to do was to watch the final round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

You choose to feel differently?

Terrific, to each his own.

If you liked what you saw and did not tell your children to leave the room, and found what was on the television as Michael Sam and the other guy made out and pushed cake into each other’s faces something you wish to celebrate – -then good for you.

I’ll let you determine what is best for you and your own family.

I’ll even leave out the part about me wishing for you to get cancer sometime soon.